Judged Feature – Limited to 600 Vehicles   

Top 100 + Best Of’s   

Designated area for Car Show 

Vehicle Dash ID (required to be on dash) 

Custom Dash Plaques for all entries 

Custom Top 100 Awards 

Award Ceremony on Winners Circle 

Best Of’s: 

Club Participation

Runner up – Club Participation 

MOPAR Award 

Best of Show Overall

Best of Show Modern

Best of Show Classic 

Best Paint/Wrap 

Best Suspension 

Best Interior 

Best Audio 

Best Engine bay 

Best Wheels 

Farthest Traveled 

Kids Choice 

Pick up your registration packet at our Friday Night Lights event or Saturday at our registration area inside of the Marriott Champion Circle. Your registration packet will include your Vehicle ID Dash plaque that you need to place on your windshield & the credentials you will need to enter the car show area. Remember only vehicles that are registered for the car show will be allowed here – everyone else will be guided into their areas. Special dash plaques & other bonuses will be provided to you at registration as well as a thank you for your support. 

Yes we do have some amazing looking awards and some very deserving owners will take them home BUT please come enjoy the show! Trophy or no trophy the event was created for owners to gather. Take part in everything that is WAM2020

Want to know what you will be judged on?

Our point system will cover the following: 
(Judging sheet has way more details)

Exterior – Paint, body modifications, etc…

Wheels – Aftermarket, detail, cleanliness

Interior – custom, accessories, detail

Trunk – Condition, upgrades, modifications

Engine – Upgrades, performance, paint, accessories

Bonus – Display, props, signs

All vehicles will be inspected for damage, scratches but we will also take into consideration for daily drivers and vehicles traveling. 

Each category has it’s own set of point. If the area is closed and our judges don’t have access you will NOT receive points for that area. So open up & keep them clean! 

Our judges are looking forward to seeing your builds.